Sandcastle Blend


A delightful coffee that excels with milk and is also outstanding as an espresso, this blend is punchy, chocolatey, with caramel and vanilla notes and importantly has a smooth mouthfeel.

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The Sandcastle blend combines notes of vanilla, cherry, and nutty dark chocolate with a sweet touch of acidity. It has a velvety mouthfeel and good body that binds the well-rounded flavours together in the cup. Sensational as both a milk coffee or as an espresso.

It’s a fully washed coffee of the Catimor varietal, from the Chiapas region. It provides good milk-chocolate smoothness and adds vanilla notes to the blend

Another Fully washed coffee from the Magdalena it is a blend of Typica and Castilla varietals. This Colombian is responsible for the velvety mouthfeel in this blend and also gives caramel notes and a sweet touch of acidity.

A natural process coffee from Nekempti in Western Ethiopia, a mixed heirloom varietal. It has a bold fruitiness, vanilla and good body that binds the well-rounded flavours together.

Post blending:
The coffees are roasted individually to achieve the optimum roast profile and then we post-blend ensuring full flavour and intensity potential.

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1kg, 500 grams