• 9 Spice Fresh Chai Quick View
    • 9 Spice Fresh Chai Quick View
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    • 9 Spice Fresh Chai
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    • Our 9 Spice Fresh Chai harmoniously blends aromatic spices, organic black tea and raw organic honey. The full-bodied, wholesome flavour balances the spiciness of Chai with the sweetness of honey. Chamellia 9 Spice Fresh Chai is a 100% natural product, free from any artificial flavours, colorants or additives. For further information on this product and wholesale inquiries, please call us on…
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Hot Sauce

Locally grown and made, The Hot Sauce King is approachable for all ages. These are great for all dishes, pies, pizzas, seafood, meat and more! For our tomato and barbecue sauce fans, we have our Big Red or King Brown entry level hot sauces. If you are looking for a little heat in your life, try one of their amazing hot sauces today.


The Burger Rebellion is a small
independent gourmet burger joint in Port Macquarie. They create the best dam burgers on the planet. They have teamed
up with local farmers and producers to provide the freshest Locally sourced
product you’re going to get. This stuff is the real deal, not some plastic franchised mass produced chain.


Ricardoes Tomatoes & Strawberries are unaltered to give you the taste nature intended. All of the tomatoes and strawberries are treated with the utmost care and attention, ensuring they grow without damage from animals and elements. Monitored using state-of-the art equipment, the jam from Ricardoes is unmatched.

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Don’t give your customers an inferior coffee. Our beans are full of flavour, sourced from the best distributors and precision roasted for the most consistent experience possible.

Doppio or Nothing is known for “getting things done” and that’s what we do. Contact us today and see why our customers won’t go anywhere else. Our coffee beans create loyal customers for life – isn’t that what you want?

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